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UltraViolet & infrared Sensors at high Quantum efficiency onboard a small SATellite 
(UVSQ-SAT) is a pioneering space-based mission to demonstrate technologies for broadband 
measurements of Earth Radiation Budget (ERB) and for Solar Spectral Irradiance (SSI) in the Herzberg 
continuum (200 – 242 nm). UVSQ-SAT is a research and innovation mission initiated by Université de 
Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines (UVSQ) with the support of the International Satellite Program 
in Research and Education (INSPIRE).

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UVSQ-SAT is a nanosatellite development project based on the one Unit (1U) CubeSat standard. The UVSQ-SAT mission contains a space segment and a 
ground segment that uses at least one UHF/VHF antenna located at Observatoire de Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines (France). The ground segment includes all the activities from CubeSat monitoring/control to data product generation and distribution.

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To conduct the UVSQ-SAT mission on the best way, the ham radio community is involved in many major project activities. To formalize this partnership, an agreement protocol has been signed on 1st October 2019 between LATMOS, F6KRK, and AMSAT-Francophone. The Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines Radio-Club (F6KRK) works jointly with the LATMOS on the project ground station preparation and commissioning.

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UVSQ-SAT operations are :

  • - Pre-launch and launch activities.
  • - Early operations after launch and satellite platform in-orbit commissioning.
  • - Instrument nominal operations.
  • - End of life of the UVSQ-SAT CubeSat.

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UVSQ-SAT data will be collected in collaboration with other projects, stored localy and in appropriated data center. Concep and development of the data processing is performed in our premise

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UVSQ-SAT mission news, status reports and multimedia archives.

Regional summer school on space sciences and technologies.

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Conceptualization: UVSQ, SU, CNRS, LATMOS, Carta-Rouxel, F6KRK, AMSAT-Francophone, ISIS, ACRI-ST, NCU, NTU, LASP, and CIC1429
Science (climate studies and solar physics): LATMOS
Hardware and engineering: LATMOS, Carta-Rouxel, ISIS, NCU, and ACRI-ST
Methodology: LATMOS
Software: LATMOS
Formal analysis: LATMOS
Resources: UVSQ, SU, CNRS, LATMOS, Carta-Rouxel, F6KRK, AMSAT-Francophone, ISIS, ACRI-ST, NCU, NTU, LASP, and CIC1429
Writing-original draft preparation: LATMOS, Carta-Rouxel, F6KRK, AMSAT-Francophone, ISIS, ACRI-ST, NCU, NTU, and LASP
Writing-review and editing: LATMOS, Carta-Rouxel, F6KRK, AMSAT-Francophone, and ISIS
Project administration: LATMOS
Funding acquisition: UVSQ, CNRS, Carta-Rouxel and ACRI-ST.

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